Attain the Numerous Benefits of Himalayan Salt at DESUAR Spa Today

Considered as a part of nature’s alluring goodness, Himalayan salt is a substance rich in natural vitality and free from pollutants, preservatives and all kinds of additives. Discover the magical benefits of Himalayan salt in the finest range of therapies designed for your body’s needs at the luxurious DESUAR Spa today.

Girl receiving massage on Himalayan Salt Bed

What are the benefits attached to Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt crystals are natural substances that comprise of essential minerals, vitamins and other elements required by the body to maintain health, wellness and the utmost form of relaxation.

Himalayan salt is popularly known for its ability to control the body’s cellular balance of fluids. This in turn stabilizes the entire body’s blood pressure, maintaining it at a healthy level for regular body functions.

Other commonly found benefits attached to Himalayan salt include the following:

  1. Improved immune function

  2. Removal of excess acidity from the body’s system

  3. Stabilization of your heart rate

  4. Regulation of moods and sleeping pattern

  5. Muscle cramps prevention

  6. Enhanced production of energy

  7. Greater absorption of nutrients into the body’s system

  8. Increased bone strength

  9. Greater sinus health

  10. Improvement in body’s libido function