COVID-19 Special: 9 Immunity Boosting Herbal Teas

COVID-19 has been dominating the news headlines and our lives for some time now. It has changed our daily routines, so much so that people have started to refer to it as the new normal. Let us remind you that COVID-19 is not the only air-borne virus but one of the many, our body battles with every day.

Nowadays, the world has turned to nature to provide herbal superfoods to strengthen immunity and build a first line of defense against any such deadly viruses. One of the most natural and popular choices is to consider herbal teas. Research reveals that herbal teas have natural properties that help in building your body's immunity.

Herbs have the power to heal your body systems, and unlike allopathic medicines, they do not have side-effects instead of being entirely safe. Here we share with our readers, nine immunity-boosting herbal teas after closely examining herbal tea varieties to choose and reinforce healthy living. Let’s start sipping these immunity-boosting herbal teas for a more robust immune system.

1. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is well known for its soothing and sleep-inducing properties. The herb has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, and antidepressant effects.

Apigenin, an antioxidant present in this herbal tea, binds to the brain’s receptors to lull you into relaxation and promote sound sleep. Sufficient sleep helps to create an effective immune response through fighting against inflammation and infection. Chamomile tea can also improve digestive health, control blood sugar, insulin, and blood lipid levels.

Chamomile tea can boost the production of WBCs responsible for destroying bacteria, fungi, and vir